The Smirk Black Ceramic Vase

Regular price $60.00

Cool, modern and monochrome!
Don’t be afraid to get creative with black decor accents.
Add boldness to your muted colour palette with statement pieces to make your monochrome living unique.  A Jonathan Adler inspired black vase will add an edgy style vibe to your home.  With or without flowers, "The Smirk" ceramic face vase will add a touch of whimsy to any tabletop. 

Dimensions: 5''x14'' 


“Decorate as you dress” is her motto!

Buy great, timeless pieces that have longevity and accessorize with less expensive items! Make this your design motto and you will be successful. “I’ve always loved how Fashion intersects with Interior Decor, and frankly I cannot get enough of both.

If you love the clothes in your closet then why shouldn’t that style or colour be reflected in your home? If you’ve got great style…so should your home —


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