Decorate as You Dress -- My Pink Dress

Today’s Decorate as You Dress is going to feature the Pink Dress I wore to the Dabble Launch Party 2 weeks ago (if you missed it, you can read all about the party here)Lisa Canning & I at Dabble Launch Party

Pantone named Honeysuckle Pink as the Colour of the Year for 2011.  I think the colour pink looks stunning in fashion – that’s why I bought this dress of course – but now let’s see how it we can use this colour in decorating a room!!

Think Pink! Decorating with Honeysuckle

Photo Source Room Design by  Natalie Umbert

So here we have very glamorous pink walls in a very clean, classic looking living room.  I love it… looks very chic without getting all cutesy.


Think Pink! Decorating with Honeysuckle

Photo Source

Or why not consider using it in a wallpaper like this lovely Pink Damask wallpaper (Wallpaper: Julie Damask in Raspberry T4764 from the Gatehouse Collection at Thibaut) in an otherwise neutral room.  Apparently a pinkish glow is the most flattering light by which to dine.

Fullscreen capture 10042011 100929 PM.bmp

Photo Source

If putting it on your walls is just to bit much for you, than why not do what Sarah and Tommy did in the first episode of Sarah 101  and instead go for a sofa in striking pink or as below use it on  dining room chairs for instant impact!!

Fullscreen capture 10042011 100759 PM.bmp

Photo Source


Think Pink! Decorating with Honeysuckle

Photo Source

Pink isn’t just for little girls’ rooms either. Pink bedding can look very sophisticated when combined with raspberry, tangerine and crisp, bright white.  (Wallpaper and fabric, "Ecuador in Pink" (T9251) from the Avalon Collection at Thibaut)

Viola Honeysuckle Pink 18" Square Accent Pillow

Photo Source

And if all else fails, than go for a simple but dazzling accent cushion in hot pink that you can use to accessorize a sofa, chair or bedroom.  It will definitely add that shot of colour that every home craves after a long cold winter!!

I love pink…..I have many pink articles of clothing in my closet but also in my decor! On the second floor of my home, we have what I like to call “The Pink Wing” where the 2 rooms of my daughters are situated along with the laundry room.  All 3 rooms are painted pink.  YES – even the laundry room is AND it has a chandelier with lots of bling on it.  Cause hey, if I’m going to do laundry than I want the room to inspire me!  Flirt female  I will be unveiling these rooms on my blog in the near future!!  So will you think PINK this spring??

Have a fabulously glamorous week!!

Christine xoxo

If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person! I’d love to help!


  • christine {bijouandboheme}

    You know I looooveee pink- would put it everywhere if I could. And ps, your dress was gorge!! xo

  • admin

    I know what you mean!!! Me too!! xo

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