Camera Ready!! CHCH TV Decor Segment

Hi Everyone, So last week I had an opportunity literally fall into my lap via Twitter. An assignment editor for CHCH News in Hamilton tweeted that she needed someone to talk about Christmas decorating Trends – STAT!!

I raised my hand on Twitter and the next day I was filming at Sheridan Nurseries with Lisa Hepfner, a CHCH News Reporter.

You can watch the short segment at this link:  Christmas-decor-red-green-and-aubergine.

Fullscreen capture 07112011 112226 PM

Fullscreen capture 07112011 112234 PM

Black and silver is hot this season for Christmas tree decorating.  Lots of Glitz and Glamour!!

Fullscreen capture 07112011 112246 PM

Aubergine and chartreuse are still very popular this year.

Fullscreen capture 07112011 113903 PM

Fullscreen capture 07112011 113906 PM


And one tree is not enough!!  Many families are having 2 to 3 trees in their home.  One for the family room, one “adult” tree and one tree for the kids (i.e.: in their bedroom or playroom)

How adorable are these decorations for a child's tree.

Fullscreen capture 07112011 113857 PM

Fullscreen capture 07112011 113916 PM

And forget about tree toppers….they are so passé!!!  Just add extra fullness at the top of the tree.

Fullscreen capture 07112011 112248 PM

Christmas is my most favourite season….and I am so looking forward to beginning my holiday decorating.  What about you?

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

Fullscreen capture 07112011 112250 PM

Special thanks to Christine and Lisa from CHCH News and Sheridan Nurseries for letting us tape inside their Mississauga/Oakville location on such short notice.

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