Turning my camper into a Glamper - Part 1

Hey blog Friends, It's finally starting to feel like summer in my part of the world!  And with summer comes the beginning of camping season.....or as I like to call it - glamping!  My family and I have been glamping for approximately 10 years -- since my eldest daughter was 2 years old.  It started with a really nice 3 room tent with above ground bedding (no sleeping bags for this family), then we upgraded to a pop-up camper - with no bathroom inside.  Not the best choice really.  From there we traded up to 16' travel trailer with full bathroom and kitchen.  And now since 2011, we've had the Jayco 31` Eagle Super Lite camper. This is what it looks like: Jayco camper One of the selling features for us was this outdoor kitchen - which we use all the time.  I have actually never used the stove in the camper.  I only use the kitchen to wash dishes, some food prep, for the fridge naturally and storage -- everything else is cooked and prepared outside. camper outside kitchen Below is the floor plan of our camper.  Another selling feature for us was the kids room that had its own pocket door, 2 bunks + a pullout sofa style bed and a TV/wardrobe cabinet.   It was important that the girls have their own little space to watch TV or play games if it was raining or they just needed some quiet time.  So for a small space, the floor plan is actually very functional and works well for a family of 4 + 1 adorable yorkie. Camper Floorplan Now here is my big issue with my camper AND all  RV companies -- why is the decor so freaking' ugly!!!!!!!  Seriously, the colours and patterns literally date back to the 80`s -- hunter green, beige and lots of brown!  A big fat yuck!!!   What ever happened to light and bright....why not create a beachy vibe or at least something with bright colour so you can enjoy yourself inside the camper while you are on vacation.  You don't believe me?  Then take a look at these pictures from the latest Jayco brochure which is more or less identical to my camper. camper interior Yes....this atrocity is in my camper....that fabric from hell is in my camper.  This look and my look just do not mix!!!!  I`m all about colour and the glam -- this is all about being beige & boring!  And this fabric theme was the best choice of the 3 choices I was given!! camper bedroom This bedding is somewhat more presentable than the one my camper came with.  I promptly threw it out and got one in white with bright blues and greens...but I am still stuck with my ugly fake headboard, Mine is edged in faux brown leather.....this one is at least in a solid fabric.  Just wait....it gets better. camper bathroom Above is the kitchen -- check out that wallpaper border that is supposed to be backsplash (insert hysterical laughter here) and the tiny bathroom with beige walls.  This is why I have never taken and shown any interior images of my camper on social media because it is so embarrassing.  But now it is time to show you the ugly truth....my ugly truth.  These were taken by me when we opened up the camper this past May so nothing is styled and everything is how it was over the winter months.  Prepare yourselves my friends! Main living area (800x400) Girls room in camper (800x400) Camper Interior 2 (800x800) Above is the kitchen area and the bathroom.  You will notice that I tried creating a feature wall beside the pantry with Peel & Stick Mosaic tile  from Smart Tile purchased at Home Depot.  This helped update the look a little bit. Master bedroom And here is our ugly bedroom...who wants to sleep in a brown  beige hole....cause that's what it feels like.  Yes, I know I am being overly dramatic....but that's just who I am! So now you must be wondering why I am showing you the ugly interior of my camper.  And the reason is (drumroll please!).......because I am going to renovate my camper into a GLAMPER!!  Yes, my husband and I are going to gut it and totally decorate it so that it reflects our personalities and feels like a summer home on wheels. So stay with me as I blog about our "Camper to Glamper" process......and wish us luck!!!! Glamorously yours, christine-da-costaxoxo            


  • Tazim

    I can see why you’d want to re-vamp the decor! I do like the layout, like you said – especially the outdoor kitchen! So cool. Looking forward to seeing what you end up doing to update the interior.

  • Sandra {simpleispretty.com}

    I’m excited to see what you do with it! I agree, campers have some crazy colors and patterns in them. Our current camper trailer is a little more neutral, but our first was purple and pink inside, YIPES! I can totally relate to wanting it to reflect your own personal tastes!

  • Christine

    Ha….you are so right Shauna….trust me I have seen some hideous campers in my time!! A new decorating niche maybe? ;-)

  • Dani @ lifeovereasy

    You really hit the nail on the head – what is with these RV decor choices? The world has moved on from the 70S! If anyone can make this look fab, it’s you. Can’t wait for your pics.

  • Lindsey

    My mom’s family have been big into trailers and rvs over the years and we took my grandparents rv on a couple of vacations when I was little….and you are right the decor is always terrible in them! I can’t wait to see your glamping job!

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