Sarah and Tommy

Can you say O-M-G!!!!!  Later today I will have the distinct honour (with a few other equally honoured design bloggers) to interview Sarah Richardson and her hilarious sidekick Tommy.   They will be talking about their new show Sarah 101 launching on HGTV Canada on January 4th, 2011 at 9pm!!

Sarah 101 is a back-to-basics crash course in design that breaks every project into simple building blocks and showcases Sarah Richardson's signature approach of tips and tricks to solve design problems so that you too can transform any room in your home!

So are you ready to go back to Design School Sarah style??  I know I am.

Sarah Richardson new show 101


Wish me luck at today’s interview!!!

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  • Renee @

    I’m still in a bit of shock from yesterday! What a great time that was :)

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