Glamour Friday: Creating the Perfect Tablescape

One of the things that I most love as an interior decorator is creating tablescapes or vignettes for my clients whether it’s for their foyer, living room or bedroom. (FYI: I will be using the terms vignette & tablescapes interchangeably throughout this blog posting). Vignettes tell a little story about the person who lives there – whether it’s where they have travelled, hobbies they love, their favourite flower or book or just a personal item they love dearly.

However, creating a tablescape does not give you free rein to display all the knick knacks you’ve collected throughout the years at different weddings you may have attended.  As with everything in life....there are rules...well maybe “rules” is too harsh a let’s use “guidelines’ in creating the “perfect” tablescape or vignette.

According to one of my favourite designers, David Jimenez, the king of tablescapes – he suggests the following:

1) Layer and lean framed photographs against the wall.

2) Keep your palette simple–black and white with one hit of color.

3) A tray makes everything richer.

4) Use a vase with a strong silhouette.

As a rule of thumb, these are the items that I like to use when creating a vignette or story for my clients: fresh flowers, books, a tray and a few ( 3 max) decorative items/accessories that mean something to the client.

So to give you an idea of what the “perfect” tablescape should look like.... feast your eyes on these vignettes created by some of my favourite interior designers David Jimenez, Jeffrey Bilhuber, and Miles Redd.

David Jimenez is not only dreamily handsome but he has a gorgeous house to boot. Look at the amazing tablescapes he created in almost every room in his house.


Love that huge tray on the helps keep all items self-contained and neat!!



Your bedside table shouldn’t be ignored either...trays keep everything neat and within reach!



Don’t count out your bathroom or dressing room for creating a beautiful vignette as the ones above!


This last picture totally summarizes David Jimenez’s guidelines for creating the perfect tablescape!!

And now let’s see Jeffrey Bilhuber’s gorgeous tablescapes – I’ve got one of his books “Defining Luxury” in a tablescape inside my own home.

clip_image016[4] clip_image018[4]

Please tell me you are noticing a common theme here --- Fresh flowers, stacked books AND NO knick knacks!!!

clip_image019[4] clip_image021[4]

Whether your home is ultra glamorous or farmhouse chic....the same guidelines apply!!!

These next 2 tablescapes are from Miles Redd who creates stunning and oh-so glam interior designs. Below are 2 of my favourite tablescapes: so simple, yet very impactful!

clip_image023[4] clip_image025[4]

And last but not least here is one of my all time favourite foyer tablescapes that I have mimicked in my own home....and yes, it’s by the one and only Kimberley Seldon!! It just screams pure luxury and glamour to me every time I see this picture!!


Well, I think I have hammered home what the perfect tablescape looks like! If I could, I would give you all a quiz right now on what items create the “perfect” tablescape...but since I can’ is your homework assignment: using the guidelines discussed...create your own tablescape/vignette/story and then post it in the comment section for all of us to see!!!

Good luck!! xoxo

If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person!  I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine  xo


  • Kimberly

    What a nice post. I am currently struggling with giving my home a unique style. I think tablescapes would help a great deal. I have lots of cool stuff, I just have it all arranged very symmetrically and sparsely around my home and it is super boring. B/c of this post, I’m going to go home, gather everything in my house up and play around to create some cool tablescapes. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • admin

    HI Kimberley,
    I’m so glad that my post was able to inspire you. Definitely play around with your stuff…your eye will know when it looks right!! Good luck!!

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