Dabble, Kimberley and Strike a Pose!!

Last Thursday night the party to be seen at was held on the second floor of the ultra glam Elte store.   This party was all about Dabble Magazine, Kimberley Seldon and striking a fierce pose!!

So here’s a mini play-by-play of the evening’s events:

First, we had to get there!!  Tamara from Wondermoms and I drove in together and fought the gridlock on the 401 expressway.  Fortunately we made it to Elte in good time and even got a parking spot right in front of the main doors!!   Score 1 for the killer high heels!!  When we arrived the bar was still being set up with the absolutely to die for '’dabble-tinis” created by the very talented Cocktail Deeva!

Then I got my name tag identifying me as a Design Contributor for Dabble – exciting times!!  Check out my “Dabble blue” nail polish!

rPm Dabble-2000

Since the Media presentation wasn’t going to start until 6:30 the design contributors decided to kill some time by pretending to walk the Dabble catwalk and “strike a pose!”


Nicholas Rosaci, Me and Nyla Free



Me and Lisa Canning another design contributor


By 6:30pm the room was starting to fill up with a mixture of media folk and avid Kimberley Seldon fans!!  Then it was time for the media presentation to begin….and the guest of honour to take centre stage!!


Kimberley took the media crowd through the thought process of how Dabble Magazine came to be born and how the name Dabble was chosen (following is an excerpt from the Dabble website and very close to what she actually talked about)

“Dabble Dabble Dabble.  Let’s face it.  It’s just fun to say.

But that’s not exactly why we picked the title.  It has more to do with Dabble’s subject matter, encompassing interior design, travel and food. Diverse topics that work in tandem to create Life Well Designed.

And that’s what Dabble is.

While I’m an interior designer by trade, travel is my muse. I learned early on that great design has roots that can be traced around the globe, speaking a universal language.  The same is true of great food.  How fortunate I’ve been to build a career that allows me to hone my skills working directly with clients, on television as a design expert, and as Decorating Editor of Style at Home magazine, all the while traveling the world for inspiration. You might say, I’ve Dabbled.

We want you to Dabble too.

Each bi-monthly issue of Dabble brings you inspiring design from around the world, immerses you in cities ripe for discovery, gives you a taste for far-flung cultures, and brings all of this together in an interactive magazine, so you can discover your own passion for travel, design and food.”


That’s the back of my head as I’m trying to get a good shot of Kimberley!  Laughing out loud


By 7pm, the throngs of Kimberley/Dabble fans had entered the building and the party was in full swing as we all rubbed shoulders with celebrity designers, bloggers and non-design folk!  Ohhhh, and there was amazing food and wine to keep everyone ‘s tummy happy and full!

Maple Leaf Food supplied all the yummy food for the party!!


By 8pm the room was packed…you could barely move!! Just the way a good party should be!



There even was an area set aside where you could get your picture taken as if you were on the cover of Dabble – it was a popular spot…and where you could catch a lot of “posers” in action! Open-mouthed smile

Now let me introduce you to some of the key members of the Dabble Team":


Kimberley Seldon – the Queen of Dabble!!  I have 5 words to describe this great lady:  CLASSY, SUPPORTIVE, MENTORING, TALENTED and HUMBLE!!  I’m so proud to call her my friend now.

Cheryl Horne, Managing Editor and her significant other,  Jay Van Pelt


Victoria Drainville, Associate Editor.  You can read all about the rest of the Dabble Team and contributors here

And of course, this blog posting wouldn’t be the same without my usual posse of Design Bloggers and all the outrageousness that follows us wherever we go!!  Winking smileIMG_5499

Ana, Vanessa, Sarah, Leigh Ann, Kate, Me and Christine 


These are my dear besties from Oakville who came to show their support for Dabble and I:  Cindy and Linda!!


Sharon Grech and I finally meeting in real life


Leigh Ann, Me, Tina Holmes and Dee Brun Gow AKA Cocktail Deeva!


Wendy Russell and Leigh Ann (again……lol)


Christine, Vanessa, and Vitania


Hanging out with my new blogger friend Pam Graham


Lisa Ferguson and I hanging out still at the end of the night.

Now let’s all strike a pose!!!

Dabble Magazine Launch Party

That’s Simon Burn, the Creative Director for Dabble in the orange top.

Work it ladies!!!!

Dabble Magazine Launch Party1

Whew, I’m exhausted…..are you???  Now,if you hadn’t had a chance to check out Dabble Magazine live, then please click HERE!! 

Dabble Cover

And don’t forget to go to page 32 and read my interview with Diane von Furstenberg! Embarrassed smile

Fullscreen capture 28032011 35645 PM

Thanks for hanging out till the end….I know it was a very long post!!

If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person!  I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine  xo


P.S.  For those that asked about my shoes…I bought them in San Francisco and they are from Velvet Angels.


Yup….that’s my foot!!!




Photo Sources:

Decor by Christine

Simon Burn for Dabble Magazine

Racheal McCaig Photography


  • Hi Andrew….it was definitely a great night….and thank you so much for having us at your fabulous store. Hope to see you again at Elte!! And thanks for dropping by my blog!!

  • Thanks Shannon…it was a fun night!! And of course, it’s all about the glam!!! ;-D

  • WOW! Christine, what a post! So many great photos from the evening. Loved seeing you again in our colourful attire! Looking forward to your next interview and happy to be a part of Dabble with you :) xo

  • Hey Nyla…thanks for dropping by. It was a great event and I am so happy that you and your hubby were able to come from Alberta to celebrate!! I’m also very happy that you and I are part of this great Dabble adventure!! Talk soon! xoxo

  • Christine,

    Andrew Metrick from Elte here. We met at the Dabble Launch, if only for the briefest of moments but a meeting none the less. I just wanted to thank you and the rest of the Dabble team for coming and for making the night what it was. It was an unbelievable event. To call the night successful would be an understatement. Anyway, thanks so much once again and hope to see you at Elte or Ginger’s soon!


    PS. We just finished our Spring Catalogue so I thought I’d include the link in case you wanted to check it out. Have a look:

    Andrew Metrick

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