Using Pop-Art in a kids room

Fall means getting organized and making to-do lists of the decorating projects you want to complete this season - especially before Christmas.  One of the items on my decorating to-do list was hanging up artwork in both my daughters' bedrooms.  But not just any artwork - I want artwork that is fun and personalized to their personalities.  When I showed them the concept of Pop-art , they got all excited and yelled YES!  What company does Pop-art the best with your own images?  Well, that would be Posterjack of course.  And I knew this would be my next #12PrintsProject blog post.

Pop-Art Example #1

My oldest daughter is 13 yrs old and is always playing around with different apps on her phone.  She had taken this really funky photo of her lips and had added some colour to it and it really did look like art when she was finished with it.  I told her to save that photo because I had an idea how to turn that ``selfie`` into art through the special effect of Pop-art on canvas.  And voila, I think it turned out fabulous.

The following images were all taken on my iPhone, so excuse the quality or glare from the light coming through the windows. 

Decor by Christine - daughter bedroom - art wall She is in French Immersion so I had purchased a few gold foil prints with french sayings and I think her tiny gallery wall frames her pop-art lip canvas print perfectly. Gallery wall - kid bedroom - Decor by Christine And here`s a close-up! I`m so pleased with the result and Mackenzie is very happy with her gallery wall. Lips pop art canvas - Decor by Christine  

Pop-Art Example #2

Now, my 8 yr old daughter is a competitive dancer and we thought it was high time that she have a dedicated spot in her room to showcase pictures of her dancing in various competitions alongside trophies & plaques she has won.  I chose a fun picture from her hip-hop routine last season and re-invented it into Pop-art.  It`s the focal point amongst photos of her dancing on stage and we left some space to hang more plaques as she wins them, Decor by Christine - creating art wall in kids bedroom I like how her dancer art wall is above her toy storage where she has begun showcasing her competitive trophies.  I also had to add her first tiny pair of tap shoes as a prop. daughters bedroom mini artwall - Decor by Christine A close-up of that adorable face! Canvas pop art - kids room - Decor by Christine It`s so easy to create your own version of pop-art.  Once you upload your photo onto Posterjack`s website and specify the size and format you want, under special effects choose pop-art and it will show you an example of how your image will look.  Easy-peasy.  What child doesn't want to see their face created into personalized artwork. And what an easy fall decorating project this could be for you.  Happy decorating! Glamorously yours xoxo christine-da-costa       This post has been sponsored by Posterjack.  All opinions expressed are my own naturally! xo 12prints-logo-final-01        

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