One Room Challenge: ManCave Garage - Wk 5

Hey there, Things finally started to happen this week with my One Room Challenge Mancave Garage.  Incase this is your first time reading this blog, my husband & I are transforming our 2-car garage with the help of Garage Living as part of Calling It Home's 6-week One Room Challenge.  We chose our garage as the room to transform because my husband was tired of the disorganization, lack of space for 3-4 vehicles and lack of proper storage.  So after 4 weeks of showing you before pictures, the layout, our vision board, and Garage Living's products, we finally started to see the mancave garage take shape in week 5. When the storage pod showed up last week we knew there was no going back.  Time to purge, throw out and basically sort through 7 years of stuff in the garage.  But we....or should I say my hubby did it!  So proud of him!! :-) So as a reminder, this is what the garage looked like last week: garage - before Last weekend the purge happened!  The only time we saw it look so naked was when we moved in over 7 years ago. Empty Garage for ORC mancave - Decor by Christine Then on Monday, the painter showed up to paint the entire garage a lovely shade of Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore.  It's a bit ironic when you think about it -- such a feminine sounding paint colour for a mancave garage....but wow, it really does look light and bright....exactly what we wanted. Painted Gargage ORC mancave - Decor by Christine Now it's not 100% finished as we moved some our central vacuum unit and some electrical and plumbing fixtures so the painter will be coming back this week for some touch-ups and to paint the door black that leads into the mudroom from the garage. The next day, Garage Living came in to install the new flooring with their Floortex Coating system.  It's a 5-step process that is completed in one day. rhino-floortex-coating-5-step-process In the collage below you can see them working on step 1 - the diamond grind surface, what the decorative flakes look like loose, then applying the pigmented adhesive base coat, then the flakes on the stairs.  They carry the Floortex coating right up the wall where the concrete ends and the drywall begins in most typical garages. Floortex Coating ORC mancave garage - Decor by Christine After a full 24 hours of drying, the Garage Living team came in to begin installing the car lift that will basically transform our 2 car garage into a 3-car garage.  And then came the cabinetry.  For some reason I misunderstood my husband on his colour selection, so you will see in my Week 3 update I show a lighter grey coloured cabinet.  But in fact, the cabinetry is a dark charcoal grey.  Which is I am not complaining.  And I wasn't too sure how the maple butcher block countertop was going to look but as you can see from these install pictures, it looks fabulous.  And I love the contrast of the butcher block against the darker coloured cabinetry and the stainless steel diamond back backsplash. <3  And I haven`t even mentioned all the additional overhead storage we will have - a perfect use of vertical space. Car Lift - Cabinets in ORC Garage - Decor by Christine Now as I mentioned in my week 4 update we  I mean, my husband is creating an art wall with images & artifact of cars, motorcycles and baseball.  On the other side where the car lift has been placed is where we added slats for additional hanging storage, such as bikes and seasonal items.  I'm quite happy how it looks -- so neat & tidy.  We can even use the lift as an elevator (when the car isn`t on it of course) to take down the bikes or whatever else is hung high on the slats.Storage Slats in ORC garage - Decor by Christine In the bottom 2 pictures of the collage above, you can also see 1) how big the top of the car lift is, and 2) how much better the walls look now that trim has been added.   Little details like trim & mouldings can make all the difference in a home AND a garage.  The painter has some work ahead of him as you can see with the little sticky notes my husband left for him. So in the final week of my One Room Challenge, we have to hang a lot of pictures, install furniture and accessories, style and then photograph. OMG, I have no idea if it will all get done with our crazy work schedules and extra-curricular activities....but I am so looking forward to showing you the final reveal. But I will share with you the nickname we have for the mancave garage....we call it ``The Garage Cafe.``  And it will all make sense at the end of this week. :-) Until then, catch up on the other fabulous ORC transformations taking place with the other esteemed participants by clicking on the photo below.  And then click on the Garage Living logo to get inspired by beautifully transformed garages. One room challlenge participant   garage living & Decor by Christine   Glamorously yours xoxo christine-da-costa

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