One Room Challenge - ManCave Garage - Week One

Have you heard of the One Room Challenge? (#OneRoomChallenge or #ORC) 6-week blog series?  The One Room Challenge™, currently in its ninth season, is a biannual event every April and October hosted by Linda at Calling it Home Blog.  Each round, twenty designers are invited to take the challenge and transform a space -- in just 6 short weeks. Every Wednesday, the designers document their process while sharing their sources and professional advice over the six weekly posts.  In addition to following along, everyone with a blog, is welcome to join in on the fun by linking their own room transformations up during the six weeks. This is where my blog comes in.  Each Thursday, I will be linking my transformation to this site.  For my first time I won't be quite transforming your typical room like a bedroom or bathroom.....I'm going to transform our garage into a man-cave for my dearest husband. One room challlenge participant Can I transform a boring garage into something glamorous?  Damn straight I can!!  OK, well, maybe glamorous isn't quite the word I would use to describe what my husband would like...but its not going to look like your typical garage.  I'm hoping that by the end of this transformation, our garage/man-cave will look something like this.....but even better!!! bright-clean-garage inspiration So why transform a garage?  My hubby and I had been discussing what to do with our garage and how to store his "toys" over the winter while still allowing our usual vehicles a place of warmth over the winter.  Actually, let me correct myself......only HIS car gets in the garage because my SUV is mammoth and won't fit if I actually want to get out of it.  So really this is why the garage is becoming his man-cave.....all of his vehicles will be inside of it --  which includes his regular car, his summer car and his motorcycle.  Rough life he's got!! Below is a list of our, I mean his must-haves for the garage man-cave:
  1. Organization!  everything in its place (ie: tools) and the garage to be clutter-free
  2. Storage - lots of it for bikes, tools, seasonal decorations, my designer samples (ie: tiles, flooring etc) and all the recycling bins
  3. Maximize vertical space  for seasonal vehicles - we have an 18 ft ceiling in the garage so it makes sense us this under-utilized space
  4. Clean & odor-free garage - new flooring & storage will take care of this
  5. Add heater to moderate temperature in garage for seasonal vehicles
  6. Man-cave comfort (ie: fridge, counter space, TV) so he can watch sports while he is puttering around in the garage
  7. Create an art wall where he can display the pictures from all his motorcycle rides - pictures that I haven't allowed in the house ;-)
Here is what our garage looks like now from the outside and inside.  The exterior of our house with our double garage: exterior of house And here is the disorganized mess that is inside: garage - before Now we are on our way to transforming this garage into a man-cave garage....keep up with my weekly updates every Thursday for the next 5 weeks.  Sign up for my updates to the right of this blog post! Glamorously yours xoxo christine-da-costa    

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