One Room Challenge - ManCave Garage - Week 3

Who knew there would be so many decisions to be made for my husband's mancave garage transformation.  Yes folks, its time for another One Room Challenge Week 3 update!  And this week it was all about making decisions on the flooring, cabinetry, backsplash, countertop and wall colour - you would think we were renovating a kitchen.  But no, its our Mancave Garage!   So let's get to it! Here's a quick reminder of the 3D floorplan that we approved last week: ORC garage 3D floorplan - Decor by Christine Now let's get into the options:

Flooring Option

Garage Living, the company we chose to update our garage is known for their Rhino Polyaspartic Coating made specifically for garage concrete floors.  Without boring you with all the technical jargon or application process, basically the benefits of going with this type of flooring is 3-fold:
  • Its Dust free, odor free and easy-to-clean.....key when this is also a mancave
  • It's Chemical and abrasion resistant -- important for a garage that will house paint, chemicals etc.
  • And its pretty looking - which is important to me ;-)
In addition, its guaranteed not to flake, peel or blister and as mentioned, is resistant against any car or household chemicals, including oil, grease, gas, paint, salt, mud, etc.  The coating is also UV stable ensuring a clear long-lasting shine that will not amber or blush overtime -- so no fading. So what we really needed to decide on was the colour we wanted to go with.  Garage Living has 15 colours to choose from.  We didn't want to go too dark or so light that it ended up looking like a hospital room.  These were the final 4 options we decided on.  (Mind you....this picture does not do the samples justice...they appear a lot darker than they really are). garage flooring Colour Options - Decor by Christine We ended up choosing QuickSilver as it had lovely specks of light & dark grey with hits of white which coincided with our.........

Wall Colour Options:

As part of the Garage Living installation they paint all the walls and ceiling whatever colour we want.  We chose to go light and bright so the mancave doesn't feel like a dungeon....since Sean will be out there a lot - especially when he misbehaves....LOL! :-)  We narrowed it down to Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace OC65 and White Diamond OC61 chantilly lace OC65 for mancave garage - Decor by Christine   White Diamon OC-61 for mancave garage - Decor by Christine In the end we chose to go with Chantilly lace.  We liked the way it looked against the QuickSilver coloured flooring vs White Diamond which has grey undertones...something I wanted to avoid on the walls since there is quite a bit of grey in the flooring.


The sky is the limit for cabinetry selection especially if budget is not a consideration.  Garage Living’s modular cabinetry can be configured to meet your needs, space and budget.  All components are powder coated, welded steel construction with magnetic door latches, lockable tool drawers and large sports equipment lockers. We chose their Signature collection.....this is what the exterior of the cabinets & slats look like in the colour we chose.  The slats will be placed on the side of the garage where the car lift will be installed.  Here the bikes and any large tools can be hung. ORC cabinetry colour option with slats - Decor by Christine

Countertop & Backsplash

For the countertop we had the choice of going with stainless steel for a real industrial look or maple butcher block that gave it a bit more of a laid back look.  In the end we chose to go with the maple butcher block because we found out that the stainless steel countertop easily scratched a lot and my husband intends on using the countertop quite a bit -- especially when he is roasting his coffee beans (don't ask.....this is another blog post).  The butcher block also looks a bit rustic.  To make up for not having a stainless steel countertop, Sean chose the stainless steel diamond plate backsplash.  So it was a nice compromise.  Below is an example of how our 2 choices will look together. BTW:  all these images I have shared all can be found on the garage living website. ORC backsplach & countertop option - Decor by Christine So now you know what I mean when I said I couldn't believe all the decor decisions to be made to transition our garage into a fabulous mancave garage!  Here is a quick summary of the decor choices we made this week! ORC Mancave Garage Final Decor Options - Decor by Christine I'm starting to get real excited to see this mancave garage come to fruition....hope you are too!  If you want to see what the other participants are transforming in their one room challenge updates just click on this picture One room challlenge participant And if you are thinking about renovating your garage then click on the Garage Living logo to truly get inspired. garage living & Decor by Christine Glamorously yours xoxo christine-da-costa


  • chuck

    Wow that is going to look Great!
    Love the Workbench top! The wood is better for working on anyway…
    You should ask about a vice for the workbench. It can come in very handy at times

    Cheers, Chuck

  • Christine

    Thanks Chuck…..Sean is really excited about it. He can’t wait to have a mancave garage openhouse for you! Thans for leaving a comment on my blog! xoxo

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