One Room Challenge: ManCave Garage Reveal's finally time for my One Room Challenge ManCave Garage reveal.  But first let me clarify a few things first if you are new to the Decor by Christine website & blog:
  1. I am an interior decorator/designer and I normally do pretty & glamorous design projects. Yes, that means I do kitchen & bath renovations and  I decorate homes with beautiful furniture & accessories.  My clients are usually married women with busy lives & kids that need to revamp their home after years of having a beige & blah home.  This is what I do.....I infuse colour, pattern and style into their home.....and they are ecstatic afterwards!
  2. This is my first time participating in the One Room Challenge created by Linda from Calling It Home.  I hope to participate again in Spring 2016 where I can show you a room that really reflects what Decor by Christine is all about.
  3. I have never done a garage or mancave before.  In this case, my husband became my client and Garage Living carried out the renovation....but my husband & I created the vision of what we or should I say HE wanted to have.  Mancaves aren't really "pretty" so this One Room Challenge is not the usual project you will see on the Calling It Home website full of pretty bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms etc that all the wonderful participants all finished in a mere 6 weeks.  But damn......I am really proud of how this mancave garage turned out!  Oh, and my husband is currently on cloud 9.
  4. You can catch up on Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 here.
  5. Ok....enough rambling let's get going on the reveal!  But first.....a quick recap:

The Garage - Before

Do you remember what it looked like?  Here's a view of the left side of the garage. garage - interior And this was the plan that Garage Living created for us after a meeting with them discussing my husband's needs. ORC-garage-3D-floorplan-1-Decor-by-Christine

The Garage - After

A Full View of the ManCave Garage

As you can see, we got a full artwall happening here, cabinetry, an area to enjoy a coffee and lots of storage! ORC full view of mancave garage - Decor by Christine In this picture the Porsche is sitting on the car lift at ground level. ORC full view of mancave garage 2 - Decor by Christine  

The Art Wall

The art gallery on the left wall of the garage is the focal point of the mancave garage.  Here my husband has created  a story of pictures from his motorcycles rides - specifically his trip to Sturgis this past summer.  He also pays homage to the founders of Harley-Davidson with pictures of vintage bikes from the Harley-Davidson Museum.  And of course, his new baby is his Porsche Carrera he got this past spring.  So lots of pictures of Porsche and other beauties. ORC Artwall 2 mancave - Decor by Christine Miniature little bikes on a shelf: ORC HD closeup of shelf - Decor by Christine A gas tank he purchased from E-Bay that echos the large picture of gas tanks from every year that Harley Davidson has been in existence - 112 years old. ORC HD old gas tank - mancave - Decor by Christine Below is a vintage Porsche steering wheel from a 1993 911 we hung as art.  And right below it is a stunning metal art photo of his bike that I got made as a surprise from Posterjack. ORC Artwall mancave garage - Decor by Christine And we can't forget about Sports -- specifically baseball with the Toronto Blue Jays.  The large photo is made out of posterboard art also from Posterjack. ORC baseball art wall - Decor by Christine Who remembers when the Blue Jays won the world series for the first time.....That's a classic picture. ORC - baseball shelf - Decor by Christine

The Garage Cafe

To enjoy a lovely cup of freshly ground coffee, we have a lovely bistro table with truly unique bar stools made from replicated motorcycle seats. ORC Bistro cafe - Decor by Christine ORC bistro table styling - Decor by Christine ORC Bistro mancave garage - Decor by Christine  


We got lots of storage from Garage Living.  We love the butcher block countertop and stainless steel backsplash.  I had a lot of fun styling the counter top with some of my hubby's fun accessories. ORC Cabinetry mancave garage - Decor by Christine The bar fridge was a little bit too small for the opening so we chose to put it at the side and replace that area with another bar stool (as we purchased 4 of them). ORC counter styling in mancave - Decor by Christine These old Harley-Davidson beer cans were purchased at Aberfoyle Antique Market.  Believe it or not, they are dated 1993 & 1998 and still have the beer inside the can.  Imagine cracking open that can right now -  Ewwwwwwwwwwwww! ORC vintage HD beer cans - Decor by Christine The full length cabinets allows us to hide our garbage & recycling bins so the mancave stays neat and clean smelling. ORC recycling storage in garage - Decor by Christine And there is alot of overhead storage for seasonal items. ORC Upper storage in garage - Decor by Christine

The Car Lift

Adding in a car lift allowed us to store an extra vehicle in the garage.....and to watch the car rise is really quite awesome.  It's like a fun elevator with no walls.  So I had to pose beside it of course. ORC carlift in mancave garage - Decor by Christine And last but now least.....we can't forget whose garage this belongs to - Dad.  At least I'll know where he's at when I can't find him.  :-) Also I'm loving my newly painted black door and new stair railing. ORC - dads garage - Decor by Christine   It's been a crazy 6 weeks trying to get the mancave garage completed.....and wow, are we ever happy with it.  We don't consider it a garage really is another room of the house.  And we are looking forward to having some friends over for a fresh cup of coffee at The Garage Cafe. Hope you enjoyed my One Room Challenge, and don't forget to head over to Calling It Home to see all the other beautifully designed rooms by all participants.  I want to thank Garage Living for the installation of our fabulous new mancave garage & Posterjack for creating some stunning artwork out of our photos for the gallery wall! xoxo Glamorously yours xoxo christine-da-costa


  • Christine

    Thanks so much Sherry….the hubby loves it! Happy Holidays!

    Christine xoxo

  • Christine

    Thanks so much Mary!!!! xo

  • Jay Kerr

    Hi Christine. A bunch of us at Garage Living have enjoyed your series of posts on the One Room Challenge™. We think it looks great! You’ve created a glamorous space that truly is one of a kind. Congratulations!

  • Christine

    Thanks so much Jay! You guys over at Garage Living did a great job installing everything — the floor is a big hit!! Happy Holidays!

  • sherry

    WOW….every mans dream:)

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