My March Photo with Posterjack -- #12PrintsProject

Hey there, I kind of abandoned my little blog the last 4 weeks with everything going on with family health issues but today I am back to show you my March photo pick for my year long #12PrintsProject partnership with Posterjack. 12prints-logo-final-01 Last month my family headed to Hawaii for March break and had the most fabulous 10 days ever!  We stayed at the Aulani Disney Resort on the island of Oahua.....and I highly recommend visiting this Hawaiian island and the resort. Between my husband and I we took over 1000 pictures with our canon and Iphone you can imagine the difficulty we had choosing which photo to use for my March Posterjack blog post. We could have gone with this gorgeous sunset image taken from the resort or this beautiful shot of palm trees, sunshine and water at the Aulani beach. Sunset at Aulani.JPG Beachview at Aulani.jpg But ultimately we chose this shot of the 2 girls running on the beach being chased by waves.  It was taken at the North Shore on the exact beach that Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on season 1 of the show LOST.   Which was kinda eerie but really cool! Fireplace with canvas artwork above it We love this picture of the girls because of their utter abandonment and the joy on their faces running through the waves and how gorgeous the ocean looks behind them.  It really was a perfect day. I chose to get it printed on a large canvas to hang over our new fireplace and I am so thrilled with the result. Fireplace with large canvas art above You can catch up on my January & February Posterjack blogposts by clicking here and here. See you soon! xoxoxo


              This post has been sponsored by Posterjack.  All opinions expressed are my own naturally.

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