How to Create a Gallery Wall in Your Family Room With One Simple Trick #12PrintsProject

Hi Everyone, Today I want to talk to you about how to create a gallery wall in your family room with one simple trick.  Which I will get to, I promise!  But first, a bit of background.  The last few months my husband and I have been going through a mini renovation of our family room.  We added coffered ceilings, ripped out our old builder basic fireplace and replaced it with a mammoth fireplace and mantle that now does our large family room justice. 12prints-logo-final-01 For my April Posterjack sponsored post I showed you a bit of that fireplace with the custom canvas artwork of our daughters in Hawaii placed above it.  You can see it and read it here.  However on both sides of the fireplace alongside brand new sconces was a blank wall -- which was perfect for creating a gallery wall of art.  I knew I wanted to use photos from our Hawaiian family vacation for this gallery wall and my next #12PrintsProject Posterjack blog post. Getting organized was the first challenge: from choosing the actual photos to get printed, to choosing the frames, to choosing the size of the prints & frames. Once I decided on the gold & white frames.....a mixture of IKEA Virserum & Ribba frames and the sizes of frames/photos I wanted to use, the next challenge was how to place these frames on the gallery wall.  This is where my little trick that I mentioned at the beginning of this post comes into play.....and its called craft paper. Using craft paper I bought at Staples, I simple cut out the shape of the various sized picture frames I wanted to use on my gallery wall and started to create a bit of a puzzle on my wall.   Utilizing craft paper allows you to play around with the placement of the photos on the gallery wall without making a lot of nail hole mistakes. It also helps you to figure out where to place a portrait photo versus a landscape photo on the gallery wall.  This is what it looked like on one side of the fireplace gallery wall after I played around with my craft paper: Creating a Gallery wall with Craft Paper - Decor by Christine Because I like symmetry, I knew that the other side of the fireplace gallery wall would mimic this side.  So that was easy.  What wasn't so easy was choosing which photos to get developed at Posterjack.  I wanted a variation of photos from our trip....not all colour or all black & white glossy prints.  What I love about Posterjack is when you have decided on the photo you want to use they give you the option of choosing different visual effects for your image, such as Black & White, Sepia Tone, Charcoal Sketch, Linocut, Solarize or Pop-Art.  Below is a snapshot of some of the photos I chose and how I used the special effects from Posterjack to create variety in my gallery wall. Posterjack Visual Effects - Decor by Christine So now its time to show you how my fabulous family room gallery wall turned out!  All with just a bit of craft paper and some visual effects from Posterjack! Gallery Wall 2 - Decor by Christine - Copy   Familly Room Art Wall - Decor by Christine - Copy Gallery Wall 5 - Decor by Christine can imagine how pleased I am feeling right now.  The family room gallery wall is complete and looking stunning.  And the best thing?  We can just keep replacing the photos after each family trip! Hope you enjoyed learning about my secret tip on creating the perfect gallery wall with Posterjack!  See you soon! christine-da-costa         This post has been sponsored by Posterjack.  All opinions expressed are my own naturally! xo

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