Maintaining the exterior of your home is like your daily skincare routine

How maintaining the exterior of your home is like your daily skin routine.

Hey Blog Friends,

It's certainly been a while....hope you have all been well.  I've been busy with client design projects and a few personal home projects as well.  Last month, a girlfriend of mine asked me to try this fabulous new skin routine with the French skincare brand, Orlane.  Of course, I happily obliged as I am one of the many that continue to search out the fountain of youth.  (More on this later) And then as my husband and I started to prep our back and front yards for the upcoming cold season, it got me thinking how maintaining the exterior of your home is very much like your daily skin routine.   It's really as simple as taking the principles of a good skincare routine and just applying them to the outside of your home.

Step One:  Cleanse

Keep the front and back of your home clean.  Guests do not want to be tripping over toys, lawn tools or garbage bins to reach your front door.

And that includes windows and doors.  Your windows should be cleaned regularly from outside dirt and grime.

Step Two:  Tone or Exfoliate

Just like we tone or exfoliate our skin, your lawn, trees, plants and flowers should also be pruned and cut regularly.

Step 3: Moisturize/Hydrate your skin

Our skin - face and body included -- especially in the winter months needs to stay hydrated to look its best.  Most of us moisturize our skin on a daily basis.  Same goes for our lawns and landscaping.  Gorgeous lush greenery looks so much better then brown and dry.


Step 4: Use a good face masque once a week or so to improve any skin imperfections

Whether its  a face mask, facial or body peel that you pamper yourself with every few weeks or should also pamper your home in a similar fashion.   This could include getting the exterior of your home power-washed every spring; a fresh coat of paint every few years, updating your landscaping, putting up a new fence, installing a new walkway -- the sky is the limit to making the exterior of your home as beautiful as it is on the inside -- just like YOU!

The images/sources of all these gorgeous home are from my Pinterest Board "Exteriors"

So now, let's talk skincare.  As I mentioned earlier I started a new skin care routine last month with Orlane -- a french company --  forerunners in the field of anti-aging skincare.  And I am absolutely loving how my skin is looking and feeling.  My girlfriend, who works for Orlane, has generously offered my readers a 20% product discount on any Orlane skincare product(s).

Just use the Promo code GLAM at the checkout when you go to

Update: Promo code expires November 30th, 2013.

These are the Orlane products I am currently using - The Hydration Program for day and the Extreme Anti-Wrinkle Regenerating Night Care.

 Here's to beautiful exteriors -- your skin and your home.  Have a wonderful day!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

Note: I was not compensated for this post.  I only blog about products that I love, have tried and truly believe and support.



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