Decorating my Foyer for the Holidays with Lowes - Part 2

Eeeeeeeck!! Less than 2 weeks until Christmas and I'm still decorating for the holidays.  Yesterday, we finally decorated our real tree in the family room and I am putting the final decorating touches to my foyer.  If you recall from my last blog post, I have partnered with Lowes Canada in decorating my foyer for the holidays with a few other bloggers for #LowesHolidayHomes. I made all my purchases at the Lowes Burlington location at Appleby & the 407 and the staff was wonderful to work with and very helpful.  Below are just a few of the items that caught by eye as I started to think about my design scheme for the foyer. You know from my previous post that I absolutely fell in love with these life-size nutcrackers....and when I saw "him" it was the first picture I took. Nutcracker Then I saw these adorable "frosty" ferns and thought the hit of red from the red cardinal had to make it into the foyer somewhere.  I wasn't expecting to use red but that cardinal swayed me into thinking of adding a tiny hit of red into the foyer. frosty fern Then I started to head outside to the winter garden area at Lowes when I spotted these wreaths.  And I thought to myself - the entrance to my home does start at the door so why not add a pretty wreath from Lowes.  I ended up going with the wreath at the top has pretty white poinsettias, red holly, a tiny bird house and more reddish pink birds.  It was just meant to be.  So into the cart 2 of them went! wreaths at lowes Outside in their winter garden area I found these Christmas Greens Birch Log Planters and once gain thought they would be perfect in the foyer. I love birch and it would flow nicely with the birch reindeer I found to display on my foyer table.  I also bought some more decorative picks to customize it a bit more. birch tree holiday arrangement The top shelf at Lowes looks pretty empty after I left the store.  :-) decorations at lowes At the end of the day, I was very pleased with my purchases at Lowes and knew that my foyer would look stunning when it was all finished. Below is a partial screenshot of the main level floor plan of my house.  I placed arrows to show you where I expect to place the items that I bought.  You will have to wait till later this week to see the final reveal. Lowes Christmas 2015 I know it looks like a bit confusing but it will all make sense very soon.  So please some back to see the reveal. Glamorously yours xoxo christine-da-costa       This post has been sponsored by Lowes Canada.  All opinions expressed are my own naturally! xo

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