Cityline & Dabble Day: Tips on Styling an Étagère

WOW!  What a fantastic week it has been for me professionally and personally! 

1) The Dabble Magazine Day show on Cityline aired on Tuesday, July 12th!!

2) I had a group of great women join me for breakfast that morning with lots of champagne and OJ to watch and celebrate my debut on Cityline!

3)  I’ve had wonderful feedback and comments from many, many people on Facebook and Twitter!.  So thank you very much!

So if you didn’t get a chance to watch it live, then you can click on the link to see it via the Cityline website

Oh, and this really excited me also!!

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It may seem insignificant to some but it’s a big deal to me --  especially when you are trying to build up your business –-  my name and company name was on the website as a Guest Expert!!  Whooo Hooo!

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So just to quickly summarize the styling tips I shared in this segment:

· Think in layers when placing items on the bookshelf and in different heights (i.e.: glass bowls layered in front of the picture.)
· When selecting objects, be aware of the scale and color. Objects shouldn’t blend in or get lost on the shelves. Beware of adding too small decorative items that will just end up looking like clutter

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· Books are wonderful home accessories, so showcase the most beautiful ones in your collection.

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· You can arrange the books by size, subject and color. And don’t forget to place books horizontally as well as vertically – it adds a nice rhythmic pattern to the shelf

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· Most people love symmetry when styling their shelves….it provides some structure and balance to the room…especially if the rest of the room has more chaos – like kids toys, etc. – this can be accomplished through matching book ends
· When grouping objects together – just remember the basic rule of threes -- objects tend to look better when gathered in odd numbers, like 3s or 5s

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· Adding objects such as shapely ceramics, decorative boxes, small sculptures, family photos and original artwork makes your bookcase more visually appealing and personal.

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And because I was so nervous I totally forgot this last point I wanted to mention which was:

· Don’t forget about the background of your shelf….in this case; the shelves are open so you can see the dramatic painted dark wall…which helps your decorative pieces stand out stand out.
· Or you can paint or wallpaper the back of bookshelves to add a pop of colour and really bring the shelf to life

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Well I hope you enjoyed watching this Cityline/Dabble Mag segment as much as I enjoyed taping it.  Have a lovely weekend!!  Cheers!

Christine  x0x0

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