2014 is Year of the Horse

Chinese New Year:  2014 is Year of the Horse

Happy Chinese New Year!!  January 31st officially starts the Year of the Horse.

This is what you can expect for Year of the Horse:

Welcome to the Year of the Horse, a very special sign in its own right. The Horse has a connection with Tai Yang (Chinese for sun) as well as Yang, or male energy, one of the two primal forces of the universe. Of the five elements, Wood is the most favorable for the Horse, and 2014 is also a Wood year. This is good for luck in general. So go ahead and take chances. The time is right. However, the Year of the Horse emphasizes thinking things through before you take action -- no leaping before you look. This year, there are plenty of areas that hold great opportunities, including (but not limited to) travel, the great outdoors, fitness and your social life.

Generally, that sounds pretty promising.  I happen to be born in the year of the Horse, so although its my year, apparently it will be filled with ups and downs.   Oh well, every year is full of highs and lows.  I definitely have some travel coming up -  Las Vegas next week and Florida in March. I guess we all just have to be a bit cautious...no jumping off the cliff unless you know there is a safe place to land this year.  If you don't know what animal you are -- Tiger, Pig, Rat, etc in Chinese astrology then click here to discover what this year holds for your animal sign.

And of course, the new year wouldn't be complete without a new Polyvore set in honour of the Year of the Horse!!  Enjoy!

Year of the Horse - 2014

Moooi lamp $5,725 - connox.com

Friedman white wall art williams-sonoma.com

Horse home decor $125 - heals.co.uk

MSGM pink tee farfetch.com

Plum Bow blue tufted sofa urbanoutfitters.com

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo


  • Krista @ the happy housie

    How fun – I think I might need to add some horse-y touches this year! I love those giant horse prints that you see floating around… thanks for the inspiration!!

  • Virginia Fynes

    Fun roundup of projects, that horse lamp is something else!

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