My 2014 Mantra

Hello my dearest Blog Friends,

Today, January 7th marks the beginning of 2014 for me, Decor by Christine and this blog.  Prior to this, I was still in holiday mode with the girls.  It should have started yesterday but I wasn't feeling well, so today it is!  Apparently yesterday, January 6th or the first day back at work after the holidays is the most depressing day of the maybe that's why I wasn't feeling well.  Well, we can't have any of that anymore, can we?  So without further ado, let's jump into what I call my mantras for 2014.

I don't do resolutions -- because I always break them or never keep them.  But a mantra -- see definition below -- is something I can almost beat my own drum to.  Does that make sense?

Definition of the word Mantra

1. (in Hinduism and Buddhism) a sacred word or formula repeated as an incantation.

2. any often repeated word, formula, or stock phrase; slogan.

Also, within the blogosphere, many bloggers have come up with a word for 2014 or even a song.  I've never done this so I decided this year I will.  So drum roll please........

My one word for 2014 is


(I can't find the source for this....but it was pinned from Pinterest)

I found that in 2013, I always had the best intentions of doing this or that.  For example, putting together an  Operations Manual for Decor by Christine which has been on the back-burner for over 6 months; or updating the Portfolio section on my website -- because Houzz just became so convenient for viewing it; and last, personal home decor projects that I  have been talking about for a year and have not yet completed -- soooo frustrating!  And so not good! This year, it's all about ACTION!!  The poster above says it perfectly!!


The song I chose - for right now....because I can guarantee it will change throughout 2014 -  is ROAR by Katy Perry.  Love the lyrics and what they stand for.  My one-person design company, Decor by Christine (DbC) is turning 5 this month....and I have been very lucky with all that I have accomplished these last 5 years - basically doing it all by my lonesome and working with some amazing clients and design colleagues.  But this year I must come out roaring and take DbC to the next level...and that includes this little old blog I affectionately call The Glam Blog.

Last week, I was reading one of my favourite new blogs called The Glitter Guide and saw this great post on 2014 resolutions that I just had to share with you.  However because I dislike the word resolutions.....we will call them 2014 mantras instead.

I can't even say I have one favourite out of these 12 mantras....each one is equally important to me.  What I love about this list is that it really echos some of the changes I want for 2014.  And of course, there is glitter involved also! :lol:

Here's another mantra that I hope will resonate with you as much as it did with me - also from The Glitter Guide blog.

I think fear really holds me back sometimes from doing things - whether its fear from making a mistake, looking like an idiot, afraid I can't do it or think only people younger than me can do it -- I really need to just get over it....and take ACTION!

And the last mantra I want to share with you really hit home with me, probably because it links back to being fearful.  This industry -- whether its being an interior designer or a design blogger can be fiercely competitive, and sometimes you cannot help comparing yourself to others.  Well that has to stop!  And that's why the words below bring a tear to my eye as I write this.  (I have to thank Jen from Rambling Reno Blog for sharing this on her blog.)

I may not have thousands of followers on this blog -- I'm lucky if I write twice a week -- and that's probably not going to change, or have clients with a million dollar budget -- although I will continue to work towards that goal -- I do have a wonderful close circle of family and friends who keep me same and love me as I am.  So I will start to be better than I was yesterday....for me!!!

OMG!!  I've hit almost 700 words...yikes.  If you lasted to this point....I thank you with all my heart.  I have some exciting things happening in the 1st quarter of 2014 that I can't wait to share with you.  But tell you have a mantra, word or song for 2014 that resonates with you?  I would love to hear all about leave me a comment -- I always respond back!!

Thanks for sticking with me.  Cheers to 2014 -- Out with the old -- in with the NEW!!

Glamorously yours in action,

Christine xoxo


  • Jen @ RamblingRenovators

    Just seeing this now Christine – thanks for the shout out! Yes, yes, and yes to all your mantras. Having fun is a big one for me too this year. There are some things I hold myself back from and this year, I want to worry less about the consequences and take more risks. I look forward to seeing you take more risks too! Cheers to a new year.

  • Christine Da Costa

    Oh Dani, that a fabulous idea…let’s keep each other in check for sure!! Cheers to lots of doing and action this year!!! xo

  • Amanda @ The Mommy Mix

    I love your mantras… I did do a resolution list this year and so far besides working more on my blog I have done none of the others. I might just have to try your approach next year.

  • Andrea

    I’m with you…mantras over resolutions! The last one is my fave…great reminder to stop comparing to everybody else!!!

  • Stephanie

    more fun indeed! I hope that 2014 brings you everything you hope for.

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