How to Get Organized for Spring 2010

It’s March....and we all know what that means:  March Break and getting ready for Spring!!  Below are a few tips to help you get organized this month.

Before You Start:

Make a list of the rooms you want to organize and what you want to accomplish.  Designate one central area, such as the garage or hallway where everything will go that is to be thrown out or donated.

Getting Started:

If getting organized overwhelms you, then start small.  It could be as tiny of a job as the junk drawer in your kitchen or the hall closet.  Just remember, when you start organizing one area, don’t stop till you finish it as it will give you a sense of accomplishment and it will push you to start on the next organizing project.

Start with the Seasonal changes:

Get your home ready for spring/summer.  Start by putting any heavy winter clothing and/or winter sports gear away in plastic bins and label it so you will know what is inside when you need it again next winter.  For kids, I like to designate 2 seasonal baskets each – one for spring/summer that is full of summer hats and other accessories for warmer weather, while the fall/winter basket is full of hats, scarves and mitts. The winter basket will be moving to one of the top shelves in our closet and the spring/summer basket will be placed on the lower shelf where it is accessible to the kids.  Keeping all winter accessories in one basket guarantees you ease of mind as you will know where everything is when the cold weather hits once again.

Are you ready to purge?

Yes, I’s hard to part with things you own....but it’s a necessity if you want to get your home ready for spring and start fresh.  My motto:  If you haven’t touched it or missed it in over 1 year, then it’s time to get rid of it!!  This could include the following:
  • Clothing that doesn’t fit anymore or clothing you bought on sale/impulse but never actually ended up wearing it (I just hit a nerve with some of you right now, didn’t I?)
  • Toys that are no longer being played with or are missing pieces – just get rid of me, the kids won’t even know it’s gone!
  • Recycle or shred those piles of paperwork you have in the kitchen, on your desk...if it hasn’t been filed by’s probably not that important.  This includes kids’ crafts and school assignments.  Get them to choose what they want to keep, place it in a plastic bin, label it and put it under their bed.  Now the kids know where to put the school mementos that they want to keep. Put the rest in the blue bin!
  • If you haven’t taken down the Christmas wreath or lights.....really folks, it’s time to pack that stuff away.  And your neighbours will appreciate it!
Consider donating clothing or toys to Goodwill, putting it in the garage sale bin or just throwing it away for the next garbage pick-up.

Storage Solutions

To keep your space looking beautiful and relaxing, organize your storage in a manner that gives it a consistent, uniform look. For example if you are storing things in containers or baskets, purchase all the same type.  Don’t forget to take measurements of the space to be organized so you don’t buy the wrong sized basket or bin. Getting organized is half the battle – staying organized is the other half.  I hope these organizational tips will encourage you to get started this month, so you will be fully prepared for next month’s hot topic:  2010 Spring Decorating Trends! Happy Organizing!

Christine Da Costa, MBA,

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