Congratulations William & Kate!!!


By the time most of you read this, the cutest royal couple EVER will be officially prince & princess…or maybe they will become Duke and Duchess.  Whatever titles will be bestowed upon them on their wedding day, most of us will be yawning and clamouring for another cup of coffee… while we are awake, let’s pay homage to the Brits!!Prince William, Kate Middleton

Mario Testino/Art Partner


This is what I will be wearing at 5am alongside my PJs to honour the spirit of Princess Diana and the newest princess, Kate!! 


Doesn’t every girl dream of finding her prince charming?  Well, this plate says it all!! Princess


$32 at

The Union Jack is hotter than ever!!  Love these pics I saw in an email to me from High Gloss Magazine.  Who wouldn’t want one of these pieces for their home decor !!


Product Source



Product Source

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And for every Glamour Girl in this universe, there should be at least one tiara that fits!!  If not, than you can at least surround yourself with this delightful wallpaper, Crowns & Coronets created for the royal nuptials by Graham & Brown

You can even get creative and Jazz it up with their ‘Royal’ Jewels – glittering self adhesive jewels that allow you to create your very own tribute to the happy couple. How fun is that!! 


So if you didn’t receive one of these invites,

Kate Middleton, Prince William Wedding Invite

than join me on your sofa at 5am and let’s toast to the cutest royal couple EVER and their big day!!!  Cheers to William & Kate!!

Christine xoxo

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