Cityline and the Blogger-Fest!!

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Kate Moore at Cityline asking me if I wanted to be an audience member for a ‘mystery’ show.  Well of course I said Yes.  One, I love a good mystery but most of all, I love the folks over at Cityline and have attended many show tapings in the past…like here.

The mystery was finally solved when we were told that the show was going to focus on Bloggers –a group of Decor, Beauty, Food and Mommy Bloggers! AND..the show officially aired if you missed it, you’ll have to catch it online at Cityline’s website!

The Blogger guests included my decor BFF, Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault from Benjamin Moore, Eric Ehm - Founder, Yummy Mummy Club, Claire Tansey - Food Editor, Chatelaine, and Tracy Peart -- Makeup Artist to the lovely Tracy Moore



I absolutely love the sofa from Barrymore Furniture – the tufting and gorgeous blue colour is so very glamorous!!  And Leigh Ann’s DIY silhouette artwork is so adorable…I want to do this with my family at home!! 

BTW: Thanks for the shout-out today Tracy…and yes, I absolutely loved that chandelier floor lamp!! (unfortunately I cannot find a picture of it…but it’s gorgeous!!)

My usual gang hanging out in the audience, Leigh Ann, Sarah, Christine, Meredith Heron, Ana, Vitania (her head is hidden) Vanessa and myself tweeting away about the show.

And the lovely Sarah Gunn is Cityline’s first Blogger of the month – check it out here!  Congrats Sarah!

After the show, Cityline hosted their very first Tweet-Up at the very swanky and ultra glam Ritz Carlton


Just hanging at the Ritz: Me, Leigh Ann, Ana,Sarah, Kate, Jennifer Brouwer, a blogger’s names I forget (sorry.…tell me your name and I will revise this post) and Vanessa

Cityline Pics


Cityline Pics1


Cityline Pics2


Thanks Cityline for a great show and wonderful tweet-up….can’t wait for the next one!!!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo





Photo Credits:

1 – 3: Cityline Website

Decor by Christine Collages

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    Great post and thanks for the shout out girlfriend! When is our next day/night out?

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