Glamour Friday: Poolside Cabana Love


Today I thought we would venture to the outside for some gorgeous backyard glamour.  Who wouldn’t want to head outside for a quick dip in the pool, catch some rays on the lounger with those oh so fresh looking white cushions.  And when the sun gets too hot, than we can head over to the luxurious cabana for some shade, cocktails and maybe a lovely afternoon nap. This cabana is definitely a Glam SLAM!!

Well apparently this fabulous view is owned by the utterly stunning and beautiful new parents known as Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem.  I guess it’s not big enough now that they have a little baby as it is currently on the market for $3.2MM.


Photo source


I wasn’t overly impressed with the home so I didn't bother with any interior photos,but click on the link above if you care to see more photos of this home.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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