Glamour Friday: Why everyone should go Glamping!

It’s a gorgeous sunny Friday and for me that means it’s time to go Glamping! What’s that you may be asking.  Broken down it is Glamour + Camping = Glamping.  And that’s the only way I will do it!! Princess

I need my luxurious around me, and when you are camping that means water, electricity and comfort. These gorgeous photos I found on Pinterest will hopefully inspire you to go Glamping this summer!

Now this is the way to tent camp! #Glamping


Now this is the way to tent glamp!!

Total Glamping!!

Sourced Unknown via Pinterest


Why sleep on the hard ground in a sleeping bag when you can bring your own above ground bed!!  Now that’s the way to do it!!  I know I have!


Camping Camping Camping = Glamping!!!!

Source Unknown via Pinterest


Camping in style!!



My family and I don’t tent camp anymore.  We have graduated to our 3rd camper since we started glamping 10 years ago.  If you have seen the inside of a camper then you know that the decor is pretty bland & beige.  My June/July project is updating the decor of our new 37 ft. camper…so stay tuned for a future blog post about this.  In the meantime, below are some absolutely fabulous campers that have been revamped inside!!  How glam!!

Total Glamping!!!

Love this girly feminine vintage camper….and take a look at the inside!!

Wow! Who said campers have to be boring.

And just a few more to whet your appetite for glamping with style in a camper!!

Curtains and bench seats!



love this little package and the wild interior.


Pinned Image



I have more glamorous pictures of Glamping in style on my Pinterest board called “Glamping in the Outdoors” Check it out here!  And then follow me on Pinterest here!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

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