Glamour Friday: Gorgeous Living Room by Designer Evelyn Chin

I discovered Evelyn Chin’s interior design website quite by accident as I was researching for my usual Glamour Friday post.  Her design philosophy really hit home with me “My spaces stimulate the senses….give an element of surprise and fun…..expand the imagination.” 

Yes, every room should be functional especially a living or family room….but why not add some fun or an element of surprise to your home decor.

This can all be created by adding in colour, texture and pattern very much like the living room below!!  Every piece in this room complements each other….and of course the room is PURPLE!!

Look at the architectural details on the ceiling – panelled moulding add visual interest while the shocking colour of lilac when you look up becomes a visual experience to the senses.

Mixing patterns and textures creates a very glamorous and exciting room. Love mixing stripes and florals together!!

Design Lesson:  Normally your biggest investment piece is your sofa – buy good quality in a neutral colour and it will last for many many years!  You’ll notice here that her classic tufted sofa is in a beautiful neutral shade of grey.

Velvet plush stools, a tall shiny mirror leaning against the wall versus being hung and mirrored end tables (previous picture) all add that touch of glamour to any room!

Lilac walls,, panelled moulding and the cutest little reading nook with a ton of cushions to cuddle into…..Red heartRed heartRed heart

Creating a glamorous room in your home doesn’t mean you have to add purple or have an identical room as the ones above…just don’t be afraid to use colour, texture or pattern to your room – even if its just one piece!!

If your living room is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person!  I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine  xo

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