Glamour Friday: A Diva worthy bedroom!

Are you a Diva or a wanna-be diva?  Yes….well then this bedroom is absolutely perfect!!  Pure luxury at its finest… me it’s actually dripping of diamonds and furs.  When I saw this bedroom on the website of Style Factory International I thought I had died and gone to Glamour heaven.

Oh yes, I could totally imagine J.Lo, Beyoncé, and Mariah having this bedroom in one of their many homes.

A monochromatic colour scheme always screams glamour and luxury. Although I definitely would have added some aubergine cushions on the bed.  And I totally adore the wing-back style headboard --  perfect for any diva to lounge on. 

Fullscreen capture 27052011 120855 AM

Hello gorgeous, where have you been all my life!!  Have you ever seen a chandelier trimmed in feathers.  Utterly Glam-tastic!!  And look, the long rectangular wall mirror is also trimmed in feather.  OMG….I’m feeling faint as I write this.

Fullscreen capture 27052011 121037 AM

What a stunning make-up desk.  If you ever have a large wall space to fill up then use a series of different sized circular mirrors to command attention.  I love it….it adds so much sparkle to the room. And I can’t forget to mention the sophisticated tone-on-tone wallpaper with its chain-link motif. 

Fullscreen capture 27052011 121154 AM

How alluring is this night-table with the fur-covered lamp shade – my head is spinning in utter delight.  This bedroom is a GLAM SLAM!!

Fullscreen capture 27052011 121341 AM

This bedroom is from the Visionnaires Collection.  Check out their full catalogue here

Now you may be thinking that this glamorous bedroom is totally impossible for your lifestyle….but I say “NEVER!”  As a whole, yes it may be…but taking pieces of this room and replicating it in your bedroom is not that difficult or impractical.

Option 1:  A upholstered tufted headboard as the main focal point
Option 2:  Said headboard + sparkly chandelier (with or without feathers)
Option 3:  Glitzy chandelier + lots of sparkly mirrors
Option 4:  All of the above!!

Hope you all have a super glamorous weekend!!


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Glamorously yours,

Christine xo

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