Christmas Inspiration Day 4 – Toy Watch Gift Idea

Struggling with a Christmas gift idea….well here’s one you may love for someone special or for yourself!!!

I fell in love with the Toy Watch brand of watches last spring when I saw it on one of my girlfriends’ wrist.  And voila, for Mother’s Day I had this little charmer on my arm!!

I blogged about it in one of my “Decorate as you Dress” posts last spring here.

  Well, now it’s time (I think) for a black Toy Watch …..and this is the baby that I have put on my Santa list!!  It has lots of sparkle and glam….exactly what I love in my fashion accessories and in my home decor accessories. 



Or maybe this one……What do you think?

These watches are so much fun….and I promise, you will get a ton of compliments on your new watch….So if you are struggling on what to tell your significant other what  to get you… may want to consider a fun, sassy Toy Watch.  Or better yet give it to a fashionable young lady….she’ll love you for it!!

Happy Shopping!!!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

P.S. You should have read this blog post yesterday….but I got carried away Christmas shopping and forgot to press publish!!  So you may receive  2 posts in one day!! Ciao for now!! Embarrassed smile

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