Project Bunkie: Decor Inspiration Part 2

I can’t believe how fast August is flying by….and before you know it -- Labour Day Weekend will be upon us!!  Tick Tock, Tick Tock!!   Arrrrrrrghhhhhhhh!!!!

Yes, I’m panicking because our original deadline was to have the Bunkie fully finished – inside & out --  for the Aug 25th  weekend….but sadly that is not happening. Sometimes you just can’t control Mother Nature – all that rain we got last week delayed our plan for staining the exterior.  This past weekend we worked on the interior of the Bunkie and will work our way outside by the end of this weekend.  So our little “guest cottage” will have to be unveiled over the long weekend.

In the meantime, let me show you some more great photos I found on Pinterest that is inspiring my decor theme and colour palette for the Bunkie.  Photos from Sarah’s Cottage have definitely influenced my colour scheme…and really all because of the drapery in this photo.

Sarah Richardson Design - Sarah's Cottage - West Guest Bedroom

I currently have similar striped sunbrella fabric drapery in my gazebo up at the “glamper”.  I have since taken them down to be laundered and eventually hung up on the 2 windows inside the Bunkie.  And voila, my colour palette has been born: Blue, lot of White, with hints of pale yellow and green!  I want it to have a bit of a “vintage – beachy – glam” vibe to it.  So you better believe it’s going to have a chandelier in it!

These following pictures also inspired my floor plan for this 10 x 12 space:

bunkie with a view


The main goal of getting our Bunkie was to create a little guest cottage that could comfortably sleep a family of four when friends come to visit.  So having a double bed and bunk beds is a must.  Similar to the Bunkie above.

bunkie beds


Love the whole look and feel of this bunk bed with a lower double bed.

Just Beachy Bunkie


I also really like the beachy vibe I get from this cute little Bunkie.

cabin bunkie look!

We are installing bead board panels on the walls and will be staining it white -- so it will look similar to this picture. So excited to show you the final result!!

Fun quilts for the bunkie

Pinned via web from Source

These quilts are super fun…but unfortunately I don’t have any and neither does my mom.  Hoping to find some while I scour some antique markets in the next few weeks.

And last but not least is the floor plan I created that should fit a family of 4 comfortably. I will get into more detail about the floor plan in my next blog post along with pictures of the cutest little Bunkie you ever saw!! (but I’m biased of course!) Winking smileCasa Da Costa – Seaton will soon be open!!

Bunkie Floorplan 2

If you missed my Part one of my Project Bunkie series, you can read it here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Project Bunkie so far… click away in the comments section below!!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

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