Can Laminate be Sexy?

A big resounding YES! to that question! Not everyone has a big fat budget for a kitchen renovation, and lets face it, kitchen counter tops can a take a good chunk of that budget when you are looking at granite, marble or quartz. During my time at BlogtourVegas this past February, I got to meet another sponsor - the fine people at Formica, who specialize in kitchen countertops. Below are 3 trends that totally revolutionize the way you will look at laminate countertops from here on in. Trend 1:  Soft Stones Soft Stones feature subtle veining and lyrical movement down the length of the surface. The new Flow patterns ― 6699-46 Sand Flow and 6700-46 Lava Flow ― reflect this trend by featuring a fine granular sandstone design. Lava Flow 2 (697x800) Trend 2:  White Stones White Stones are commonly featured on kitchen islands, backsplashes and countertops and can be paired with other materials for a layered look. Two new laminate patterns address the White Stones trend: 6696-46 Carrara Bianco, an elegant white marble influenced by the popular 180fx® pattern Calacatta Marble, and 6697-46 Argento Romano, a gray-based neutral with taupe and beige accents that provides an alternative to pure white stone. Argento Romano 1 (800x600) Luna Sail White FSS (600x800) Trend 3:  Non-Traditional Materials As Millennials start to invest in kitchen and bath upgrades, they demonstrate individuality by experimenting with non-traditional materials such as wood, concrete and engineered stone.  The new Paloma series ― 6366-46 Paloma Dark Gray, 6729-46 Paloma Bisque and 6698-46 Paloma Polar ― provides clean, modern quartz-inspired looks ideal for any space. Paloma Dark Grey 2 (600x800) Black Walnut Timber 180fx with Ogee IdealEdge 1 (600x800) Now look at these exotic granite patterns -- Formica has totally captured the high-end look homeowners desire without sacrificing the maintenance-free and affordable nature of laminate. Dolce Macchiato 180fx_ Bullnose IdealEdge 2 (800x531) Magma Black 180fx 1 (800x600) River Gold 180fx 3 (800x600) So I will ask you again.....can laminate be sexy?  I think you will now say YES!! Glamorously yours, christine-da-costaxoxo This is a sponsored post


  • Claire Jefford

    Christine, great post and YES, I do think laminate is now sexier than ever! Thanks so much for sharing the possibilities of just how good it can look. I will be looking into these for future projects, especially where budgets are tight. xo

  • Christine

    thanks so much Claire for leaving me a comment….you are such a sweetie! xoxo

  • Monnaie

    Nice interior decoration and interior furnishing.

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